Defense Workers’ Salaries Cut Across the Nation

Furlough Notices Slice Pennsylvania Defense Workers’ Salaries


The Department of Defense will finish delivering furlough notices to civilian employees this week, and hundreds of thousands of hardworking Americans will see salary reductions as a result of the unpaid leave.

In Pennsylvania, 21,660 defense workers will be affected by the furloughs.  Defense furloughs are scheduled to begin on July 8 and will continue for the next 11 weeks. Around the country, 750,000 Department of Defense workers will face the furloughs.

Pennsylvania Facts on Defense Furloughs due to Sequestration:

·         $71,500,000 dollars in salary will be lost

·         7,776 Army employees will be affected

·         1,050 Air Force employees will be affected

·         5,383 Navy employees will be affected

·         7,451 Defense civilian employees will be affected


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