Allen Township residents are being warned about fake fundraising mailers. Allen Township supervisor and fire chief Dale Hassler told residents of the scam during the supervisors’ board meeting on Tuesday, August 28.

Fake mailers, claiming to benefit East Stroudsburg’s volunteer fire company, were found circulating the Poconos region. However, the return address was located in Kansas.

With their annual fund drive right around the corner, the Allen Township Fire Company is taking the time to help residents discern between a real fundraiser and a fraudulent one.

Hassler told residents that Allen Township’s fire company only solicits by mail, not by phone. All mailed solicitations have the return address Allen Township Fire Company #1, 3530 Howertown Road, Northampton. Any solicitations that do not have that address, he says, are a scam.

An image of the real fund drive mailer will be posted on Allen Township’s website.

In other news:

Allen Township supervisors voted to remove the speed bumps and traffic signs on Debbie Road and Drexel Drive now that the detour on Route 329 is over.

Supervisors first considered whether the speed bumps should remain until work with flaggers is completed later this fall. However, most residents vocally stated that they would like the speed bumps removed.

Supervisors were open to following through with residents’ wishes.

“[The speed bumps were] for the residents,” said Supervisor Gary Behler. “That is what they want.”

Public works will remove the speed bumps and “No Outlet” signage as soon as they are able.


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