gab over the fence


After days of heat and some humidity, it turned cooler on Wednesday last week, and now it’s about normal for spring, except for the humidity, which is a mite stifling.  It rained Sunday night, but dried up by Monday morning. . . .Got a note from a friend of Ye Ed’s, Bill Goodman, who lives on the outskirts of Easton, that would be scary for most people. Goes this way: “I had a black bear at my house last night. He raided bird food stored in a garbage can near my garage doors. He drug off the bag and laid down 30 feet from the doors, eating from it for a half hour. He walked around my house, then he stood up and batted on my front windows, sniffed around my porch, lapped at a cat food dish, and searched for food scraps.  He grabbed at bird suet in mesh bags and hummingbird feeders with sugar water hanging from my gutter.  Yet, he left them.  When I thought he was going to crawl into my living room through the open window, I yelled “NO!”  He stopped, stared at me like a scolded kid, and sauntered off. I took no pictures.  He was two feet from me.  I guess that he was about 175 pounds, two years old.  I live in the woods surrounded by farmland, in Plainfield Township, near Forks and Lower Mount Bethel townships, north of Easton.  I had another similar bear a few years ago from February through May regularly stealing my bird suet.” Good story, but I don’t think I’d get that close to a bear. They’re nice to watch from a distance, and they get awful hungry after they come out of hibernation. . . . Folks over in Nazareth had a great time on Sunday for the opening of their new borough swimming pool. Being humid as it was, it must have been nice to cool off in the water. They spent a ton of dollars on that pool and I hope people use it all summer. The mayor and a councilman made a big splash when they cannon-balled into the water. . . .There was talk years ago of having a swimming pool here in Bath, but it never happened. Just couldn’t afford it, and there was no W.P.A.  to build it at the time. . . . The Governor Wolf Historical Society had a good turnout for their gardening event over the weekend. It’s great that we have such a local group like that working to keep our history alive. . . .I hear the state Legion bowling tournament here in town really went well. But Marty Beal said the only flaw was one of the bowlers spilling a beer on the floor approach, and that’s a real no-no, that could cause somebody to fall. . . . Phillies  enjoyed a five-game winning streak at home, but now they’re on the road for ten games, and this will be a big test for ‘em.  A couple of the younger players are getting on base regularly with hits and walks, and that’s good. Franco, who was called up from the Lehigh Valley IronPigs last Friday, finally came through with a triple and home run. . . .I see there’s a burning ban up in Moore Township on account of the dry weather. The rain on Sunday night and some sprinkles Monday night mighta helped a bit, but there’s no burning outside until the signs are taken down. . . . Time for some iced tea. Have a great week, gang, and keep safe.


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