dr. clearie

by Dr. Glenn Clearie

How important do you feel vitamins and minerals are? My hope is that you understand how vital vitamins and minerals are to your health and that you place them high on your priority list. Let’s say you understand that vitamins and minerals are important. Do you think that taking a multi-vitamin supplies what your body needs? I don’t think they do. In fact, you may be surprised to know that I have not taken a commercial synthesized multi-vitamin since I was ten years old. Let me explain.

When I was about ten years old I was introduced to Standard Process™ supplements for the first time. Standard Process was developed by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929.  He believed that great health came from eating great food in its most natural state. He saw how food was turning away from nature and towards “franken-food” as I like to call it. Imagine how aghast he would be today!

Dr. Lee spent his life developing whole-food concentrated supplements that provide the essential vitamins, minerals and all the natural synergistic co-factors that our bodies require. His multi-vitamin comes from multi-food like carrots, peas, alfalfa, Brussels sprouts, buck wheat, and others that inherently have all the vitamins and minerals in a whole food state. He was a genius!

Now please understand that the point of this week’s article is not just to draw attention to the natural vs. synthetic vitamin distinction. My intention is to make you aware that vitamins and minerals need to “work together” to assist the body in maintaining its vigor and vitality. I have come to an understanding that to take them separately is not as effective.

When you think of vitamin D, what mineral do you think of? Calcium. When you think of vitamin C what do you think is the mineral substrate? Copper. How about vitamin E? Selenium. So, if you are taking vitamins, also consider taking the mineral that it works hand and glove with. Doesn’t that make sense?

You shouldn’t be too surprised to know that our bodies contain all the minerals that soil does. We need minerals as much as anything else. If you are not quite sure about where to get the correct vitamin and mineral combination, then may I make a suggestion? Eat celery! Eat broccoli! Eat cauliflower, carrots, red beets, parsley and that’s just for starters. Eat whole food that is in its most natural state. This may sound over simplified, yet from my natural perspective we have made health too confusing. Eating healthy always works.  Period. The rest we leave up to God.

I hope this article is as impactful for you as it was for me as when I had the awareness and epiphany that the one/two punch of vitamins with their respective mineral “family member” is another way to stay as healthy as able. My best to you.


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