gab over the fence

It’s too bad it rained on the 4th of July. It kinda spoiled a lot of backyard picnic plans, forcing people to go indoors with their vittles, mostly in garages if they had cleaned ‘em out. We didn’t venture out at night to see if there were any fireworks displays, figuring they mighta been cancelled. But the weather cleared and the shows went on as scheduled.  We just watched the displays on national TV and didn’t hafta sit on wet benches or grass. . . . Last week I said we were lucky to escape the fierce storms that they had in the Midwest.  Well, no sooner than I had written that, we got hammered with 80 mile an hour straight line winds, heavy rain and hail.  It knocked off plenty of trees in the Catty and Northampton areas, and so much along Airport Road, they hadta close it to traffic. A couple corn fields were flattened and some buildings damaged. Anyhow, we were kinda lucky around Bath.  Ooops, I shouldn’t have said that. . . .The older folks may recall that it was 70 years ago this Thursday that Bath was hit with a cloudburst on July 9, 1945 and there was a flood downtown that took a little boy’s life. Ye Ed tells me he was at a Boy Scout meeting when John Tashner was scoutmaster of Troop 33 as the storm came in and water a foot deep rushed down Chestnut Street. He ran a picture in the paper that Gerald Overcash gave him. . . . And speaking of Gerald, who long since has passed on, his sister, Pauline, died this week. Also passing away was Dottie Reimer from up in East Allen Township.  Our sympathies to the families. . . . Phillies young players are playing pretty good and getting them runs, but still they lose. They took care of the braves on Sunday.  Monday night, or should I say Tuesday morning (1:30 a.m.), Jimmy Rollins, now of the Dodgers, beat ‘em with a double to drive in a pair of runs. He also scored a go ahead run earlier . Anyhow, they played the longest game in Phillies history, 4 hours and 12 minutes at 2:20 a.m. EST. . . .Motorcycle riders will  be going on a ride come the 18th to raise money for kids that have serious illnesses. Jim Pasquariello can tell you how the kids really appreciate it. Come on down to the fire hall and see for yourself. . . . Think we’ll head on up to Moorestown this Saturday night and try some of their blueberry fixin’s  in the Salem church grove. . . .Time to hit the rack after staying up half the night to watch a ball game.  Yawn!  Seeya later.  Take care.


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