gab over the fence

Outside of Thursday night, the weather’s been great the past week, especially on Saturday when there was no humidity at all. That was terrific for the Sacred Heart Catholic church picnic, the Salem UCC church blueberry festival, and the Northampton Exchange Club community days, along with the motorcycle riders for the cancer benefit held over at East Allen Township’s Bicentennial Park.  Let’s hope it’s nice again this Saturday for the motorcycle riders when they have their benefit for Dream Come True over at the Bath fire hall.  And also on Saturday, the peach festival and classic car show that Zion UCC Church will be having up in Kreidersville.  And the same for Friday, July 31, when the Great Bath Duck Race is held down along the Monocacy Creek.  Let’s have great weather for all the outdoor events so folks can enjoy ‘em this summer!!. . .The lowly Phillies were glad for the all-star break so they could forget the game for a couple days. It has been a nightmare all year long!!  Whatever could go wrong always did for some reason.  It was great seeing the Pirates beat up on those St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday and Sunday.  It made me sleep a lot better. . . .That was some home run derby, and I know a gal named Betty Henderson from Toms River, N.J. would have loved it, since the winner, Todd Frazier, hails from there. . . .As for the All-Star Game, well, I’m rooting for the Nationals to win. The game is on after I’ve penned this column. . . .The hearts gang at the Legion is on a one game a month schedule right now, and anxious to go at it every week, whipping those guys from over Macungie way, “Chow” Silfies and Joe Ambrose. . . .“Chow” will be in town, no doubt, for the rock music tribute to his nephew, the late Dwight Diehl, on August 1 at the Legion. If you recall, “Tubby” Diehl was  Dwight’s dad. They lived in town before moving out West years ago. . .Hats off to the George Yaniger family for having their Gin Mill & Grill named Business of the Year in Northampton. I heard they’ve done a lot to make the former Garfield Republican Club a nicer place. . . .The 4th of July kazoo parade over in Nazareth was the tenth one since it was started up by Bill Brackbill. It’s always a great, patriotic event, and they pay tribute to the veterans, too, and that’s mighty important. . . . Some of the bikers who gather in town on Saturday may be mourning the loss of a husband and wife duo who were killed in an accident the other day. . . .Let’s support the riders  as they help make kids with cancer or other bad disease have some fun in life by  realizing a dream. Jim Pasquariello is looking for you! I figure Marcia Hahn is, too.


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