dr. clearie

by Dr. Glenn Clearie DC

If you could choose pain or pleasure, what would you choose? At this moment you are obviously wondering where this week’s Natural Perspective™ is heading. Hang in there. I already know 99.99% of us would choose pleasure. It’s my first choice as well.

My son Drew has not been keeping up with some chores. In the usual father tone, I looked him sternly in the eyes and asked my son if he would like to be grounded or if he would like an ice cream cone. He gave me a sly smile and slowly said “cone?” This was a trick question but not to trick. It was to use this issue as a learning moment. The conversation quickly turned into the “why should you be rewarded for not performing the duties and responsibilities you were given” lesson. He got the point. He was grounded. Done.

Much is truly learned from not-so-good experiences. Personal health crisis are not desirable in the least yet if you have been through one I am pretty sure that somehow your life has been changed, touched, and softened in a way only such an event could do. Ice cream (pleasure) just doesn’t have the same teaching effect.

Nobody escapes the pain that occurs in this life. Nobody. Sickness, tragedy, regrets touch each and every one of us. While I haven’t asked God for more pain (in fact I often pray for the opposite) pain has led me closer to Him. Such painful, life sculpting events, while not often understood, leads to wisdom, discernment, and a host of other levels of maturity. My father used to say that’s why we have a Pope with gray hair.

So without much fanfare and with much respect for all of us who are going through hard times, I pray you have a peace which transcends all understanding. Peace, even as we are dealing with the pain, is much better than temporary pleasure. My best to you.

“Natural Perspectives” is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and/or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional.


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