gab over the fence

Well, the weather was great the week before, but it turned a little rainy for the first couple of days of Musikfest last week. It didn’t bother folks too much. They just carried umbrellas and wore plastic raincoats.  After that, the sun came out and the weather was great again the rest of the time, and with no humidity.  So, a good time was had by all, no doubt. . . .The Vietnam Memorial Wall came to Moore Township just as the weather turned good again. It was sad to read all those names of men and women who fought and died, and some who are still missing in action after 40 years. It brought tears to the visitors’ eyes seeing all those names. There were quite a few veterans from Bath who served and it was good that they were able to come home again.  But I’m sure they lost some buddies over there in the war that so many people in the country criticized.  That was a sad part of it, too.  I personally want to salute all the veterans who have served their country! . . . . Now, as I’m penning this, the very hot and humid weather has returned and it will be here the whole week. Groan! . . . .  My sympathies to George Ahart and family on the loss of his wife recently. I’m sure George’s many employees at his markets were there for the funeral. Add to them my condolences. . . . It can happen to most of us, I reckon, but Gigi Kahler scratched her head over this one. Seems she went to the Bath laundromat Sunday night. She loaded her clothes in the washer, put the soap in, and closed the door.  She just couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t start after multiple tries. After asking a couple of gentlemen who were there what the problem was, they finally asked her, “Well, did you put any quarters in?” Which she hadn’t. . . . Every other day we read of developers planning huge warehouses around the Valley. With all the tractor-trailers on the roads already and tons of traffic with folks driving cars here, there and everywhere, I don’t know, but plans need to be made in a hurry to figure how we’re gonna handle the volume. And Shane Burcaw had it right in his column the other day when he said people are getting more and more anxious and impatient.  I saw a minor delay the other day, and one driver couldn’t wait an extra minute. He hadta turn around and go back the other way. Give me the old days when we took things kinda casual like. . . . With Moore Township celebrating their 250th anniversary on the 29th and 30th, I see there will be guided bus tours on both days that weekend.  Nazareth is celebrating their 275th anniversary this year and they had an interesting historical bus tour last Saturday. The tour cost five dollars. We have a lotta history in this area, and this is one way to see it . . . . Marvin Werkheiser and his fellow Lions will be busy the rest of this week running a bingo stand down at the Muhlenberg Hospital summer festival.  No clams for Kyle Grube, though. . . . Only one more week, kids, and school starts up again!  I hope you had a nice summer. It’s a hot, humid one right now.  Give me a cold one.


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