gab over the fence

Fourteen years ago passenger planes were hijacked and used by terrorists to kill nearly 3,000 people. It was the morning of September 11th in the year 2001.  It’s a day of terror that none of us will ever forget.  The sun was shining and shortly before 9 o’clock, first Tower One and then Tower Two of the World Trade Center were hit by planes. And a short time later, another plane smashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Only through the heroism of passengers on Flight 93 was another terrorist attack stopped. But even there, all the passengers on the plane in western Pennsylvania died as they crashed into the ground. The World Trade Center has been rebuilt, the Pentagon building restored, and memorials have been built in New York City, Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, but the death and destruction left by those terrorists will go on in our memories forever. We can only pray that it will never happen again. . . . Ye Ed’s cane had more than one purpose the other night. When engineer Brien Kocher couldn’t figure how to use an electronic arrow, and didn’t have a pointing stick, he used Ye Ed’s cane to point out markings on a map at the Allen Township meeting. . . . We needed the rain that fell Friday night into Saturday when the cold front came in.  It was nice having clear weather for a while, but we needed the rain. It was getting dry again. Since then it’s been nice and cool with no humidity. Wow! . . . .I hear Carl “Spundy” Rehrig is seriously ill, and our prayers are for him and Margie. . . .I wonder what a couple hundred motorcycles going through town on Main Street Sunday afternoon was all about? A Colonial Regional police car had its emergency lights on and was stopped crosswise at Main & Walnut Streets to hold up traffic so they could all go through . . . .Legion “hearts” card gang is back in regular action again, with Harvey Haupt ready to share the queen of spades.  . . . Toronto Blue Jays socked it to those Bronx Bombers on Friday and Saturday, but it comes at some expense with Troy Tulowitski suffering a cracked shoulder blade in an outfield collision. Phillies actually won a game against the Cubs, rallying big at the end after a rookie held down Chicago most of the way on Saturday, then won again on Sunday for a split. . . .I’m writing this early, so I don’t know what the Eagles will do down in Atlanta this Monday night, but I have my fingers crossed. . . . I couldn’t get the QVC channel on my TV to see what they said the other day about the Kiffle Kitchen Bakery up in Moorestown, and the thousands of kiffles they make and sell all over the place. But, they’re good, I’ll say that! . . . .My sympathies to the Moser family, who lost a brother and sister one day apart last week, Ozzie Moser and Dolores Moser Smith. . . .Rosh Hashonah arrived on Monday for those of the Jewish faith, a religious holiday that leads up to Yom Kippur. . . . Lutheran church fellowship hall is filled with lots of basket goodies as they get ready for their festival this Saturday. . . .As the weather cools I see more and more leaves dropping, so fall is on its way. Enjoy that season with all its color. See ya later. Have fun.


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