gab over the fence

The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies and lots of sunshine, just cool enough for comfort, so it was a great day on Saturday for Turn Bath Pink. There was a great turnout of walkers and runners for the morning 5K. Then in the afternoon, plenty of folks came out to form the human pink ribbon. Turn Bath Pink shirts were worn by many as they were sold on the site at the George Wolf Elementary School.  A photographer named Emily climbed the fire truck ladder and aimed at the ribbon of folks down below, and a drone buzzed overhead. After that, there was the pet parade on Allen Street. Dogs outnumbered the cats, but most all of the pets had some sorta pink they were wearing. Mark Saginario out-dressed his dog with pink trousers. The pink fire engine was there again for people to sign their name or a relative who may have had cancer or survived it. There was an auction that lasted most of the day in the Bath Fire Social Hall. All in all, it was a great day for us to be aware of cancer and to be thankful for those who have survived that dreaded disease. Hats off to Mayor Fi and all the volunteers who made it such a successful  day!! . . . .I hear there was a cupcake party last week at the Lutheran church to celebrate Anna Kish’s 90th birthday. Congrats to you, Anna . . . .Bill Santo and his wife were up from Maryland over the weekend to attend Bill’s  67th reunion with his Northampton High School classmates. I hear that they just made it out of South Carolina in time, as the rains came down so heavy Bill could hardly see while driving. South Carolina was flooded right after they left, and still is. . . . One of his classmates, Phyllis Hilberg Henshue couldn’t make it after a serious fall at their home in Wind Gap.  She and her husband recently moved up here from Texas. If you recall, Phyllis used to have a real estate business over in Nazareth years ago. . . .Back to Bill Santo. Herbie Silfies was glad to hear he’s doing well. It brought back memories years ago when they were young and foolish, especially one New Year’s Eve when they had too much to drink and got into a horrible accident on Northampton Street.  Herb said the Man upstairs was with them, allowing them to live, although they were hurt bad.  And it was good they turned down a request by a couple other guys to ride in the car’s rumble seat. They would have been toast on hitting that porch. . . .Another memory – smearing limburger cheese on Charlie Steckel’s steering wheel.  Tsk! Tsk! What boys will do! . . . .Congrats to the Harvey Haupt’s on their 65th wedding anniversary. . . .Columbus Day was celebrated quietly on Monday.  Just a few places closed, and no mail. . . .Philly Eagles won with a good game on Sunday, so we’ll see. . . .Nazareth’s Blue Eagles had their wings clipped. I didn’t hear anything about the Konkrete Kids. . . .The baseball playoffs have been really exciting. Home runs flying all over the place!  Toronto or Astros will win (maybe) in the American League and Mets and Cubs in the National League (another maybe as this is written). . . .Have a good week, gang!


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