gab over the fence

The weather was pretty good for Bath’s Halloween parade last Tuesday, not as cold as it sometimes is in October. Anyhow, it was another nice parade and a big crowd was there to see it. Thanks again to the firefighters for organizing it. . . .Since then it has been a lot colder. Ye Ed tells me he minded it even more after coming home from Atlanta, especially on Monday night after coming back. Says it seemed like a damp cold. Br-r-r-r-! . . . .By the way, he says that gas prices really varied down there. Prices  like $1.98, $2.06, and $2.29 a gallon. . . . He was at his grandson Greg’s wedding that was more than halfway up a mountain with big homes that were rented in the middle of the thick forest, and roads that were blind curves most of the way, and without guard rails that had huge drop-offs. 35 MPH was the limit, but no way with curves and drop-offs like that. 20 MPH was the only safe speed, he says. . . .Just as I predicted, halfway through the playoffs, the Mets and Royals came out on top and are in the World Series. Mets fans are wearing their T-shirts, and if the team keeps pitching and hitting like they did in the playoffs I think they’ll win it in five games. . . . Is it like usual, or are there more dropped footballs in games these days? Even the Patriots had 11 on Sunday. And the one for the Eagles in the fourth quarter could have been the difference in winning or losing. Of course, they lost. And the Giants won. So there went first place. . . .Read the other day about a Northampton young man from Newport Avenue who went on a two-county burglary spree. I just wonder what makes kids get into something like that. Were they thinking about that while growing up in elementary school or middle school? What starts them out on crime? I reckon that’s just one of the mysteries of life, or maybe it’s that they’re into drugs. . . .Trick or treat nights are on Friday in some places and Saturday in others. Probably doesn’t matter as long as the kids are having lots of fun dressing up and filling up their bags with tons of candy. Turn on your porch lights, parents, so you can see ‘em better. It’ll be safer for the kids, too. . . . Looked at my calendar and it called for a full moon for Tuesday. It was plenty full on Monday night already, and you could see the man in the moon real clear. . . . As the days get colder and the leaves fall down steadier, we’ll be getting into hunting seasons. I hope you got your doe license, guys. I hear they sold out of the 70,000 that were for Northampton County back on August 24th. . . .Glad I cut up some logs the other day. I think I’ll light up the fireplace with a few and warm up the old abode. Take care, gang, and I’ll be seeing you in seven.


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