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We hear of people that feel fine, that are never sick, and then they drop dead of a heart attack, have a stroke or maybe get a check up only to find they have cancer…sometimes advanced cancer.  I have heard of several people that felt a little bad, got checked out, found cancer and they were dead in a few short months. It is true that how you feel is no indication of how healthy you are.

Many people get their annual physical that may include a blood test.  This annual blood test is done through medical doctors and paid for by insurance, however, the list of tests has been getting shorter over the years.  In addition, the test ranges have changed over the years to correlate with population averages.  To illustrate this point: suppose a blood test has a range of 10-50.  A medical doctor will only see a problem with the test results if less than 10 or greater than 50.  Does this mean that you are healthy and have optimal health of the test result is an 11 or 49?  It just means that you aren’t bad enough to be officially diagnosed with a disease and therefore warrant recommendation of a drug or other medical intervention.  Over the last 15 or so years there have been significant changes in these medical ranges for blood tests.  In some cases the results have been changed from 10-50 to five-65.

These new ranges correlate with over all poorer health in our country and the result is that now most disease has to be even more advanced before a condition is now medically diagnosed as determined by medical and insurance guidelines.  Regular doctors cannot diagnose or treat a condition before it is clinically documented because they have to justify treatment based on diagnostic testing. Waiting until a disease is advanced is like having a car problem and waiting until it won’t run anymore.  Catching problems early and avoiding problems and disease are the best ways to living a long, active and healthy life.

From what you may believe, drugs do not increase life span; at times they may delay or avert a premature death or “crisis.”  Blood pressure drugs are used so that you don’t have a heart attack or stroke today.  Antidepressants are used so that you aren’t depressed today.  Diabetes drugs are used so you don’t have high glucose and have a seizure today.  Drugs taken for chronic conditions and even for acute disease are to avert a disaster or problem today. However, the cause of the original condition is rarely considered and then there are the added side effects of the drugs.

Life is in the blood and most health problems and diseases will show up in the blood long before symptoms are noticed…before you feel bad.  For instance, only 20% of liver function is needed to be relatively symptom free.  By the time symptoms of liver disease are noticed, it is often too late.  So, proper comprehensive testing must be done, including investigational testing to see metabolic problems, deficiencies, system functions, inflammations and infections.

Reading the blood test more closely is very beneficial for avoiding or catching a condition early.  Instead of waiting until a blood test is below 10 or above 50, some health experts, including our healing center, will pick a middle range, maybe from 20-40, and this is then used as a guideline to monitor the optimal or healthy range.  Test results of 10-20 or 40-50 are those results that aren’t yet a “disease” but are warning signs of developing problems.

It is important that you understand this distinction between waiting for a small problem to manifest into something horrible or catching something early, addressing the cause and living a life full of optimum health, vigor and vitality.

We will continue in part two next time.


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