gab over the fence

A string of 70 degree days and Indian summer is feeling pretty good this week. Don’t mind being outside and taking a walk when it’s like that . . . . We started out the week by turning the clock back an hour and gaining an hour of sleep. That was great, too. . . .The local elections are over, so no cards in the mail pushing candidates, and the posters that fill the roadsides can come down. Now all that’s ahead is the race for president. Debates and commercials will go on and on, so either I’ll use the mute on TV or switch to something better. Even Elmira’s soaps, and that’s a stretch. . . .Wow! Those Kansas City Royals were something else, taking advantage of every miscue the Mets made. They were determined to win, and they did!  The hitting and pitching that the Mets had in the playoffs weren’t enough in the World Series, and they were plain and simple out-classed.  So no more baseball till springtime. The season went really fast, and now we’ll just hafta suffer with how the Eagles are doing. Carolina Panthers beat the Colts on Monday and are 7 and 0, with the Eagles as one of their victims. . . .Read an article on how young John Zymweski, Jr. rolled a 300 game over at the Bath Legion.  It’s really something when you can get all the strikes needed for a game like that. He usta be in a youth league. I don’t know if it was one of the Saturday leagues they had at the Legion, but he took the ball out of his closet that he used when he was younger and it worked for his perfect game. John hails from Cherryville, and bowls with his dad in the East Bath Sportsmen’s League at the Legion.  Congrats! Now I hear that Andy Edelman also hit a 300. There’s some really great bowlers over at the Legion. . . .In last week’s parade, lots of candy was thrown out in the street for kids to pick up. That’s all right if they don’t get in the path of a vehicle. Even Mayor Fi threw candy from her car. But now she says she realizes the danger, and won’t do it in the next Halloween parade. Instead, she’s gonna sit in a chair at the borough hall and hand out candy for the kids who come up to her. Probably on Trick or Treat Night, I’d imagine. By the way, there was an emergency call during the parade, and fire trucks had to take off from it. . . .  Glad to see all the new businesses that are popping up on South Chestnut Street. Now let’s patronize them. . . . Next Wednesday is Veterans Day. I hope people remember all the sacrifices our service men and women have made for our freedoms. A big salute to all the veterans, and those who are serving on active duty today.


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