gab over the fence

The winds we had on Friday and Saturday took care of all those fall leaves, and now they’re history. Let’s gather ‘em up, the weather blew ‘em down. The weather folks on TV said it was 70 degrees down in Philly, but it only made 59 here on Monday. . . Saw the Harvey and Janice Haupt’s enjoying a meal of mackerel at the Slatington Moose recently. From what I read in our companion publication, the Moose has been serving mackerel for breakfast on the second Sunday of the month for more than 50 years. Wow!  I had some bluefish lately and it tasted great, but I’ve never had mackerel, and for breakfast yet! One member of that Slatington organization for 54 years remembers when he helped peel over 200 pounds of potatoes on a Saturday before breakfast. That’s more than the gang in the army usta peel during K.P. duty. The Moose served mackerel with ham and eggs, which makes sense to me. . . . Last Wednesday, veterans enjoyed a free breakfast at one of the valley restaurants. The Bath Legion had a free buffet of meatballs and all the trimmings for lunch. Vickie and the ladies auxiliary even made up an American flag of cupcakes with red, white and blue icing. . .Certain fella I know didn’t celebrate his 85th birthday on November 16th by going hunting for bear with a bow and arrow. Too old and crotchety for that, he says. But he had a meal of pig stomach up in Schnecksville, where he was congratulated by the Spengler clan – Dan, Jim and Susan and their better halves – and Ray and Pat Groff. . . The Eagles played one of their worst games ever on Sunday after starting out with a bang, and deserved to lose. The Giants lost by one point, too, on a one second field goal by the Patriots . . . . Congrats to Mrs. Steve Micio on her 80th birthday. They had a surprise party for her up at the Point Phillips Rod & Gun Club. . . . Saw a house over at Nazareth that’s all ready for Christmas, with lights and decorations. And Christmas music was being played down at the Town & Country this week. Christmas before Thanksgiving, and for some people they’re ready in October! That’s really rushing it. . . . Best wishes to Ralph Yob on his retirement from the appliance business over in Nazareth. . . .To advertise a mattress and pillow sale over at Northampton High School last week, a couple DECA students were dressed up as mattresses and waving to motorists to come on in. . . . Sorry to hear that Robert Wiener is in Gracedale. Good luck to him!  . . . . Pray for the people of Paris, France after that terrorist attack on Friday that killed 129 and wounded more than 300. Now those ISIS murderers are threatening Washington, D.C.  It’s a scary world we’re living in right now. . . . Congrats to all the members of the Big “N” Band for winning their championship! Way to go! . . . Gotta go clean up the rest of my leaves. I see folks have ‘em piled up downtown for pick-up. Be good!


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