gab over the fence

Merry Christmas, everybody! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your families and friends, after going to church on Christmas Eve.  Whether you get a lotta gifts or not, the most important thing is the love shared by all family members. . . . It’s unbelievable how warm it still is in December, and around here, no snow yet!  The folks who run the slopes have been anxious for it to start snowing, or at least turn cold enough so they can make snow, but nothing doing so far.   Monday night was the first day of winter, or so it says on the calendar. . . . Ye Ed had a nice story and pictures of the live Christmas pageant down Bethlehem way that was held the Saturday and Sunday before.  The fellow who is president of the pageant spoke to the Bath Lions last month and said it costs $10,000 to put on the performance each year. What wasn’t in the article is that the horses and riders come from Blue Ridge Ranch up in Moore Township and the camels are shipped up here from Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia. I think he said Florence Liberto has been one of the angels in the pageant for several years. “Chick” says it’s 17 years!  Vice president of the pageant is Don Jenny, a buddy from the sportsmen’s federation. He’s also one of the Wise Men. . .If you wanta donate to the pageant, send your checks to Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant, P.O. Box 263, Bethlehem, PA 18016.  I know it will help pay the bills . . . . Told you the Eagles would have a tough time with the Arizona Cardinals. Did they ever!! What a blow out. They’ve been hanging on by a thread, like the Giants. My bet is those Washington Redskins will win the division.  Too bad, Coach Kelly, you traded away some good players. . . . Another thing I like are Christmas cookies. My favorites are apees. They taste great and you can make all shapes and sizes with cut-outs.  I usually get a couple spoons in the batter as Elmira’s making ‘em.  Just a little reward for watching the oven so they turn out just right. There’s lots of other varieties, but that and peanut butter  and toll house cookies are great, too!  I’m also a pie lover – blueberry, rhubarb custard and coconut custard top my list. Not much on cakes, but Margie Rehrig’s lemon and cream topping on top of a graham cracker base is a favorite. . . . “Chow” Silfies couldn’t make hearts last week, I hear, and Clark Smith hadta settle for Tastykakes. He’s hoping “Chow” brings donuts this week. . . .No coal for  Christmas, ‘cause Pete was nice and not naughty.  Definitely a great gift for my sweetie, Elmira!  See you soon in the new year.


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