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by Dr. Clearie

When I was ten, I received my very first life changing chiropractic adjustment. I can still feel Dr. Napoli’s strong and certain hands deliver an unbelievable subluxation correction. It was both life changing and soul changing; an innate transformation. Dr. Napoli adjusted my young spine, specifically the subluxations, also known as misalignments, in my upper cervical spine, thereby relieving the nerve interference caused by a hard bone on a soft nerve.

When I came to understand just how important it is for the brain to be able to communicate with the rest of the body, I knew that I wanted to receive chiropractic care for the rest of my life. I became aware that our mental impulses flow from brain tissue into the nerve tissue, down the spinal cord, and out along the peripheral nerves. In doing so, these impulses properly feed and communicate with every gland, organ and tissue the way God intended. Amazing.

It is an irrefutable truth that God has provided for the indwelling of life within us, our innate intelligence if you will, and that this intelligence flows from our brains down to the rest of our body. From above, down, inside, out. This is true health.

Many decades later as a practicing chiropractor, I hold true that should anything slow down, cut off, impinge upon, hinder the flow of nerve impulse communication then we will suffer from various forms of disease. I believe that the power of the innate intelligence that resides in the body is the same intelligence that heals the body. This is not some mystical thing. It is the incredible truth. This intelligence, freely given by God, indwells us. Without it we die.

This life giving intelligence must and I repeat: must, find its way to every gland, organ and tissue of the human body. This hasn’t changed since the dawn of man.This cannot be stated enough! The brain in all its splendor sends forth this innate intelligence as mental impulses down through the spinal cord, passing through the cervical spine and all the way down through the vertebral column and then flowing through nerves that extend to your heart, eyes, sweat glands, hair follicles, intestines, muscle, joints, ligaments, skin, liver, pancreas, capillaries, cells, everything. This is incredible. Can you see this as a central truth? It is.

What is startling is that this flow of living energy can be shut down, shut off, minimized by disruption to the spinal cord or spinal nerves. A fracture of a vertebral bone can sever, paralyze and kill the human body. We know this as an indisputable fact. We also know as an indisputable fact that should any pressure bear on nerves then wherever the nerve terminates will not receive the fullness of life, which it desires and needs. If that end organ is the lung you will not have proper respiration. If that termination point is the womb then fertility will be compromised. Our bodies were created to function this way and to fully function you need the life force washing over everything at all times.

The biggest disruption to your life force, to your innate intelligence, is a compression of sensitive nerve tissue known as a spinal subluxation. Now this compression may be only slight but that means you have a corresponding reduction in communication and physiological function of what that the nerve communicates with. Having a ten percent reduction in heart function is not good. Having a twenty percent reduction in adrenal function is not good. A fifty percent reduction in stomach eyes, ears, or liver function is the definition of sickness.

With free flowing mental impulses to every nook and cranny of your body, perfect harmony is restored. The mental impulses flow outward as discussed and then the communication flows “back home” if you will. Any disruption in these pathways will yield sub-optimal human functioning.

Please know taking a pill, an elixir, stretching, or lifting weights won’t help restore the subluxated bone back to the correct alignment. Only a specific chiropractic adjustment can do that. Once you understand that subluxations can lead to poor health and sickness you understand how important getting regular chiropractic adjustments are for you and every member of your family.

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