gab over the fence

After a couple bitter cold and windy days, it turned slightly warmer last week, but then real cold on Monday after a downpour of rain on Sunday. Looks like we’re getting a roller coaster kind of a winter before the snows roll in. . . .Towns and townships all had their reorganization meetings last Monday, so good luck to those who are serving in local government.  Hopefully, better than with the state and federal legislators, who disagree with their heads of state. . . .I hear Herb Silfies was kidded about having a sheep ranch by the hearts club members, and they said he needs to get out to Oregon again some time to sheer off their wool.  He was also ribbed about sticking for the ranchers out there who burned off some grass to make it better for their cattle, even when the blaze took it over from their private land to federal land.  All I can say is “Baa-a-a-a-a-!  . . . .

That was a terrible accident last Thursday night when a lady from Nazareth drove her car more than halfway under a tractor-trailer as it came out of Schall’s Brakes and Repairs down below Bath. There probably were no lights on the side of the trailer and she couldn’t stop in time when it suddenly was in front of her. Hopefully, she’ll recover, but they hadta use a Jaws of Life to get her out, I hear. . . . The Spuds & Suds festival that Bath is gonna have in August sounds like a really big event, with lots of music, drinks and food to keep people entertained down along South Chestnut Street and on West Main Street. . . .Julie Harhart still has to finish her term this year in the State General Assembly, but she’s done a great job of representing constituents in her district for 11 terms. Best of luck in your retirement, Julie. I’m sure Frank will be happy, too. . . . I hafta remind Elmira about the Philadelphia Flower Show bus trip the Northampton library will be running on March 11th. I know she’ll love it. . . . Happy birthday to Margie Rehrig this Saturday. . . . The playoff games are going on hot and heavy in the National Football League, sometimes getting out of hand as players let their emotions get the best of them.  The playoffs continue this weekend again. . . . I hear nine deer were spotted running through a Moore Township yard and another nine ran through the Rehrig yard in Bath. . . .Doug Moser needs to give his Lutheran dart team a pep talk after they slipped out of first place last week. . . . It’s getting to be tax time again, something that’s always dreaded. . . .Looking at my calendar it’s exactly one month till Valentine’s Day. Gotta think up what we can give our sweeties, besides a hug and kiss. . . .Gotta go check my snow shovel. We may have flurries or as much  as an inch of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday, and I’ve heard that before a big one hit. Take care, gang.


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