Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Things have come back to nearly normal weather-wise around here. The snow is slowly melting as it’s a bit warm for this time of year, and once in a while the sun’s been shining. I don’t know what the groundhog had for a prediction on Tuesday, ‘cause I penned this letter a day before. Probably the same old story: six more weeks of winter. That’s all right as long as we don’t get any more big ice and snowstorms. So, all in all, things have been pretty quiet around here. . . .  All the political talk from Iowa is settling down now that their caucus is over, with three leading – Cruz, Trump and Rubio on the Republican side, and Clinton and Sanders pretty much tied on the Democratic side. Now it will be New Hampshire’s turn, and then South Carolina.  It’s gonna be a long year of politics, I reckon. But we’re a free country, so let ‘em talk, and we’ll figure it out in the end when the presidential elections roll around. . . . The Super Bowl is on Sunday, and although I’d like to see Payton Manning go out with a win, I’m thinking the energy of Carolina’s Cam Newton is gonna take the game. We’ll see. Anyhow, it’s always a fun time leading up to the big football extravaganza. . . . I sorta like how the Eagles are shaping up under a new head coach. Time will tell how it works out.  Same goes for the Phillies. . . . Don’t know what it is, but a certain councilman takes off his shoes, watch and rings when he’s sitting in at Bath Council . . . .County tax bills have come in the mail, so others from towns and townships can’t be far behind. . . . It’s basketball and wrestling seasons in the high schools now. Best of luck to the Konkrete Kids and Blue Eagles teams. . . . Next week is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, and then Holy Week and finally Easter Sunday. . . . Knock wood, but I think the flu vaccine this year is working out very well ‘cause I haven’t heard of any folks coming down with the flu or grip, or whatever it’s called. . . .I do have the winter doldrums, though, so maybe I oughta check what Elmira has in her good wishes list to pep me up.  Have a good week, gang!


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