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We sure were socked with low temperatures Saturday and Sunday, as low as two degrees, with a wind chill way below zero. We had a light snow and the wind whipped that across roads and they got slippery from the ice it formed. If there had been more snow, it would have made big drifts.  Just couldn’t get warm, no matter how many layers of clothing you wore. We got another taste of winter with snow and freezing rain on Monday, but it turned into a heavier rain as it got warmer. I’m ready for spring, and that’s the 20th of March, a month from this Saturday. These old bones are aching, that’s for sure! . . . .Folks didn’t want to go out, so church attendance was down on Sunday, I hear. Hopefully, if it warms up some, the midweek Lenten services will find more folks in church on Wednesdays. . . . I know the ski slope operators were hoping for the cold to make more snow if they didn’t have enough left over from the January “Juno,” but skiers hadta wrap up more with heavier clothes in the bitter temperatures over the weekend, and maybe some just stayed home. . . .And since it was Valentine’s Day on Sunday, some couples just cozied up more at home, rather than going out for dinner. But I hear it didn’t keep folks from going to that pork and sauerkraut supper at Salem Church in Moorestown on Saturday. They had a packed house for another terrific meal that included strawberry shortcake for dessert.  One gal even came down from Dingman’s Ferry in the Poconos for the supper, but since she’s originally from Jersey she hadta learn the way Pennsylvania Dutch eat their sauerkraut, putting it on top of the mashed potatoes. . . .Members of the Northampton Historical Society have been putting their bucks to some more restoration of the old Siegfried railroad station along 21st Street in Northampton. This time it’s the west wall that was sagging due to rotting timbers under it. The wall will be lifted up about three inches to allow the sub-floor and beam to be restored, and they hope it will take the tilt out of the station’s terret. Part of the restoration, as I get it from one of their members, is to remove the concrete floor in one room and restore the wooden floor that served the station for almost 100 years.  Sounds like a major project, and they hope it’s done by the end of March, when they expect to raise about $45,000. Maybe some of our readers who are history-minded might help ‘em out. . . .It was good to see Berks County’s Taylor Swift won a Grammys award the other night for album of the year. . . . Northampton Library is planning a trip to the Philly flower show come March 11. That’s one beautiful way to welcome spring, and this time it’s dedicated to all of our national parks. . . .Sorry to hear about the passing of Doris “Boozie” Henning, who was the wife of the late Harold Henning, and daughter of the Late Dick Bourguignon’s, and Evelyn Werkheiser, Norman’s wife.  My sympathies to both families. . . . Prayers for both “Chow” Silfies and brother Herb, who are ailing right now. The hearts gang down at the Legion misses them. . . .Political  debates are getting hotter with name calling. I hope they eventually get down to the issues and the troubles that our country is facing. . . .I’m having an aching back. Time for some of Elmira’s linament and a rub down, I reckon.  See ya!!


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