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by Dr. Clearie

Who is walking the earth today that doesn’t feel anxiety and stress in one way or another? If you are that lone person that has risen above then I applaud you. For the rest, let’s talk about the issue at hand.

Simply put, stress and anxiety steal and destroy. I say this in the strongest manner possible. In these almost two decades of practice and almost fifth decade of life I have seen firsthand how stress and anxiety gnaws away the abundant life God has in store for us. I have seen it in others and I have felt it in myself. The true beginning of healing is recognizing that your peace is being stolen and that you have a God given right to get it back.

Now, you may hear about good stress versus bad stress. You may yourself consider that sudden stress which goes away quickly is better than chronic stress that stays for weeks, months, years or potentially a lifetime and this may all be true. To the point, stress is stress and causes a physiological reaction within our bodies that I perceive modern science knows hardly anything about.

The causes of stress and anxiety are too numerous to discuss. Even as I write this week’s article, I have had three separate patients that are suffering with crisis and are riddled with stress and anxiety ask me how they can get out from under. No easy solution.

I will say that the word of God is a sword to be wielded against anything that comes against us. Stress and anxiety included. To this end, Philippians 4:6 is one of the most powerful scriptures that I have marked on my heart personally and share with others who are suffering. Take a look at this passage and memorize it and say it out loud often.

As far as dealing with and addressing stress and anxiety otherwise, it is clearly situational. For the chronic, mystery illness sufferer, the process of healing can be painstaking. For those that have had their childhood years filled with abuse and abandonment, my heart yearns for your peace. For our soldiers who are wrestling with post stress syndromes, for those that have great loss, for those that are struggling every day, every moment, to rise and stay above the pressure this life brings, I must say that the greatest healing potion I have to offer is to say you are loved beyond words.

In future articles we will discuss advanced healing possibilities. For this discussion, I would ask that you turn off the TV, drink more water, eat more vegetables, avoid soda and caffeine, read scripture, pray, do light exercise, and get rest as well as a good night’s sleep. These action steps may seem trivial, but they are not.

Start with what I stated here today and let’s get a firm footing on the correct path.

Natural Perspectives™ is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and /or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional. 


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