Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

The baseball season has started.  The Phillies held a 2-1 lead into the 8th inning on Monday, but the relievers fell apart and Cincinnati’s Reds won the game, 6-2 in the opener. At least our starter was good.  All in all, there were plenty of opening games on Sunday and Monday. . . .  How do you like those Villanova Wildcats?  They won the NCAA Final Four Tournament on a buzzer beater over former champion North Carolina 77-74.   The losers had more threes, but Villanova had the winning one as the red light went on at the net and the ball sank, sending North Carolina to a heart-breaking loss.  That’s basketball! . . . .Hey, it’s spring time, and we’re in another deep freeze. Wha-hoppen?? . . . .Did you notice all the night light machines down by the rail depot in town?  Seems like PennDOT’s really gonna re-surface the bad part of 512 after all, or as soon as it warms up a few more degrees. They had a man walking along Walnut Street with putting down markings, and other work is being done to get ready. The night lights must mean they’re gonna do the re-surfacing at night, when traffic is light, so be prepared for one-lane traffic. . . .Kids fishing contest along the Monocacy here in Bath will be on the 23rd of this month. Let’s hope it warms up some, and there’s no ice hanging on fishing lines. . . .Man, there sure were a lotta coming events around here in last week’s paper.  Between now and the next few months we can take our pick, but make sure there’s plenty of gas in the tank. That’s been going up day by day again, I think about $2.19 a gallon of regular. . . .I hear Wally Schlegel passed away on Sunday. There are a lot of others as the weeks go by.  My sympathies to all the families. . . .Looks like the league bowling season is winding down. I think their season runs for 30 weeks.  I’ve been looking at the scores each week.  We have some fine bowlers around here and they’re hitting ‘em big. . . . I hear April Kucsan from Lower Nazareth way is looking for 25 more people to head up to the Mohegan Sun casino at Pocono Downs. Give her a call at 610-759-5137. . . I also hear that somebody in town is gonna be honored when the Nazareth-Bath Area Chamber of Commerce has its annual banquet down Hellertown way this Saturday. . . .Tax preparers are using up some midnight oil as they come near the big deadline for Uncle Sam. . . .The presidential campaign is a wild one this time around. Just hope things turn out all right in the end. . . . Hafta get some of Elmira’s linament. My shoulder’s aching from all the window cleaning she had lined up for me.  A hot toddy might help, too, ‘cause it’s chilly around here. Gotta go. See ya!!!


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