Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

I hope this really cold spell we’ve been having is about over so we can get on with spring. It’s been freezing at night and I’m afraid all the plants that were put out on Easter have turned brown.  And the fruit tree growers, especially with peaches, have been putting out burners at night to save their crops.   Weather sure can be troublesome at times and we can’t do anything about it.  Frustrating to say the least!  . . .It looks like the work to cut down bumps and cracks in the roadway is going strong all along Rt. 512 at last, with those strong lights on at night, and one way stop and go, as the state highway department gets ready to re-surface. Hopefully, everything will work out well so that in a week or two we’ll have a nice, smooth highway to travel on. . . .I also hope that they catch the culprits who have been vandalizing George Wolf Elementary School by marking up all the playground equipment with vulgarities in purple and blue. It happens in the cities all too often, but around here hardly ever. From what I read, they think they’re students from the Northampton Area School District. School district police officers are keeping an eagle eye out for the vandals. I agree with Supt. Joe Kovalchik when he says, “It’s a shame what happens in today’s society”. . . . If they wanta do something creative they oughta celebrate Mom and Dad Days by signing up for the painting designs that Krista has for My Place Restaurant next Monday night the 18 from 7:00 to 10:00 o’clock. . . .The Phillies lost five games so far, but they won a couple over those Mets. Looks like a fairly good team coming along. I sure like that Maikel Franco. He hits the ball really hard. . . .April 15 is usually the deadline for IRS taxes, but I hear there’s an extension of a couple days because of some kinda holiday. . . . Question: What did we ever do without our cell phones and ipads and all the other high tech stuff that keeps people tapping their fingers or texting all day long and hardly looking up to talk to people one-on-one?? Give me the old days when we talked out loud or wrote letters or even read books. . . . Anybody remember where Jack Clarke’s barbershop and Schmutz Hackman’s pool parlor usta be – Or for that matter, “Doc” and Elsie Gilbert’s  eatery??? . . . . Keep the Bath Area, Catholic, Little Moore, Nazareth, and Northampton Area Food Banks in mind if you have some loose change and some extra canned goods and other foods in the closet. . . .If it warms up this weekend, I reckon it’s time to hit the back yard and clean up the mess that winter usually brings.  See ya!


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