Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

At last!  A couple beautiful, warm spring days in a row, up in the 70s!  What a welcome sight and feeling. It was great having a string of sunny days last week, too. We may get a couple rain showers later this week, but we need some of that for our yards and the farmers’ crops. . . .  Rt. 512 has been getting plenty of milling down, and some lanes of blacktop as the project moves along.  I hear it’s gonna reach up far into Bushkill Township and down near Hanover Township, so it may take a while, but we’ll take it.  All we hafta do now is watch out for the bumps where there are pipes at the surface. There’s a doozie of one down at Main and Walnut Streets.  It’s pretty much hard to miss it when driving north.  I thought my Essex would fall apart when I hit it the first time. . . .The Bath Area Fish Committee will be putting in some nice trout in the Monocacy this Friday afternoon, so the kids can do some serious fishing Saturday and Sunday. Have fun, kids! . . . . IRS tax day has come and gone as of Monday, so hopefully y’all got a refund, as folks like Jen and Jeannie would say . . . .Congrats to Viola Wesner for winning the Nazareth Bath Area Chamber of Commerce “Volunteer of the Year” award at the April 9 Chamber banquet down Hellertown way. She certainly does a lotta work for the firefighters in town. . . . Earth Day is this Saturday, April 23, and I see Councilman Barry Fenstermaker is looking for some more volunteers to plant 22 trees at Ciff Cowling Park and the tot lot over by Old Forge.  They’ll be meeting at the pavilion along E. Main St. between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Great exercise if you can do the bending over. . . .Phillies are holding their own and playing some tough games as they rebuild. . . Looking over the calendar of events in the paper each week, there sure is a lot going on. It’s great that we can have so many fun events around these parts. . . . The hunters are looking forward to spring gobbler season on April 30. When we were out for a ride a week or so ago I spotted two turkeys walking along a field next to 512 up by Wind Gap.   Gobble! Gobble! . . . .Now that it’s warmer it’s also yard clean-up time, and even if it’s not much fun, there’s the fresh air. We finished the windows for Elmira, so onward and upward, gang!


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