Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Most of Rt. 512 is now paved and we’re having smooth riding. There’s still some more paving to do up north of Bath, but all in all, it’s a big change from the bumps and fissures of the past few years. They could use a little more blacktop on the edges, though. A warning to motorists: Just because it’s so nice, that’s no excuse for speeding . . . . I hope everybody who could vote did in Tuesday’s presidential primary election. They found out that they were also voting for delegates who are expected to vote for their favorite candidate when it comes time for the party conventions in Philadelphia and Cleveland. That could make a big difference.  Senator Pat Toomey from Lehigh County, and Congressman Charlie Dent, along with State Representatives Marcia Hahn and Joe Emrick, and Cindy Miller from up in Lehigh Township running for Julie Harhart’s seat, were among the local candidates. . . .A couple local anglers skipped out on trout and went down to the shore on Monday.  They waded out pretty far in the ocean and landed some huge blues, I hear. . . . Big events coming up for the Governor Wolf Historical Society:  Friday, May 6, their annual meeting and dinner at the Wolf Academy when they will hear about a Civil War general, and then their fourth annual garden faire on Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14.  They had a big antiques show back in March that they were proud of that included the Chestnut Street antiques stores and a show over at the U.C.C. church. . . . I hear there are 170 folks registered to attend Marcia’s gun seminar at East Bath on May 11. That’s packing ‘em in! . . . . Congrats to Mayor Fi for winning the Good Scout Award at a scouting banquet recently. . . .  I hear Herbie Silfies is home after his bout in the hospital, and may be getting back soon to the hearts game with his gang at the Legion. They have the cussing jar ready. . . .By the way, now that the league bowling season is about over, it’s out on the golf course for the Legion league. I hear they’re gonna sponsor the state tournament again this summer. . . .My sympathies to Rich Ackerman on the passing of his mom Myrtle at age 97.  Good, ripe age anyhow. . . . Nazareth Farmers Market opens on the circle this Saturday, April 30; Bath’s will be opening on May 20 and Northampton’s on May 24. . . . Spring has really sprung now, so there’s flowers and greenery wherever you look. Unfortunately, we need rain, too.     I hear a forest fire in Pike County burned 8,000 acres this week and destroyed five hunting cabins. We hafta take the good with the bad, I reckon.


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