Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Outside of firecrackers and fireworks going off at night, the Fourth of July celebration was kinda quiet on Monday.  I heard there was a big celebration of a birthday down by Hunsickers though.  Anyhow, the weather was good and folks enjoyed backyard picnicking and family get-togethers. . . . I see the Catholic church picnic, the Bushkill Township Fire Company carnival, Northampton Exchange Club’s community fair, and the Salem church blueberry festival are all  on at about the same time this weekend, so I reckon folks will travel in between to take them all in.  P.A.K. from Bath, Pa. is up in heaven, so no clams for him, or at least I think so.  There will be plenty down here at the Catholic church picnic.  The “Crazy Hearts” band will be covering a couple of the events, too. . . .  Marvin Werkheiser and his Lions buddies will be busy at Northampton this week calling out Bingo numbers. . . .I hear Roger Rehrig is on the sick list. Here’s wishing him well . . . .Phillies are going pretty good right now, hoping to move back up to the .500 level. They’re finally getting good hitting along with the pitching . . . . With the baseball season about in the middle, the Home Run Derby and All-Star game will be here soon.  Can’t wait. It’s always exciting. . . .Ye Ed tells me the names of the three folks looking over some scrapbooks and clippings at last week’s story on Harmony Grange’s 100th anniversary.  They were Barbara Dailey, Cynthia Pulcini and John Frack. Just wanted to set the record straight. . . .John’s class of 1948 over at Northampton High School has been taking a hit lately. First Alton Mann, then Mimmie Katz, and now the wife of Norman Zader. My sympathy at their passing. . . .Just as expected, the school tax bills were in the mail just before the holiday. I hope you saved up enough to pay ‘em off. We’ve been reading of too many foreclosures on homes the past year. . . . It’s getting near presidential convention time down in Philly and over in Cleveland. The primary season has been going hot and heavy, so we should expect plenty more in the final months before election. . . .But as I watched TV interviews on the street lately, it’s sad how little people know of who and what happened in history.  Reckon that’s from taking it out of schools. . . . A woman and two kids were mighty lucky they weren’t hurt more last week up in Allen Township when their car went over a bridge along Indian Trail Road and landed on its roof. . . .Saw W.C.O. Kevin on TV last week after a bear was captured while running around over in Whitehall . . . .It’s too bad we don’t have a Bath Legion ball team this year. I hear one of the coaches hadta get a serious operation and the other two didn’t take up the slack.  We’ve had some good teams in Bath over the years. . . .Summer’s rolling right along. Enjoy it, gang!


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