Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Boy, has it been hot this week! In the 90’s all week, so folks have been putting on sun screen to toast brown and not bright red.  Anyhow, it was clear for the Bath Community Days up at Firefighters Park, so there were nice crowds.   Enjoyed the fireworks on Saturday night.  They lasted 15 or 20 minutes and really lit up the sky. I hope the vendors who were there made some money.  Anyhow the event brought back some of the olden days when the firefighters had their annual carnival at the same location. . . . Folks came out really good to the Bath Farmers Market on Friday, too.  This Friday, the 29th, there will be the annual duck race down at Monocacy Creek Park to benefit the market.  Buy a duck and you might win a prize.  As usual, Carol and Darrin Heckman will no doubt be wading in the waters to collect the ducks.  At least it’ll cool ‘em off. . . .Ye Olde Editor tells me he has a new fax machine, so if there’s anybody out there who has a fax and wants to get news to him, the number has been changed  to 610-837-1030. . . . The fans of Phillies and the Mets are finding their hopes rising and falling as the season rolls along, so they’ll just hafta grit it out. . . .The Bath Lions Football team had a sign-up stand at Community Days, so their season is on the horizon down at Ciff Cowling Field. It’s a great program for the kids, and the coaches deserve plenty of thanks for working with the young’uns, and maybe they’ll be playing later on for the Konkrete Kids or Blue Eagles as they grow up. Same goes for the players and coaches up in Moore Township and over Nazareth way . . . .Now that the nominations are official for the presidential  campaign things should really heat up over the next three and a half months before the election. It’s probably very close right now between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and all we can hope for is that the country gets back on the right track when it’s all said and done and the voters have voted. There have been controversies at both the RNC and DNC conventions, and it’ll be interesting to see what kinda impact Bernie Sanders’ followers have had on the campaign . They staged a big protest in the boiling hot streets of Philadelphia on Monday. . . .More blacktopping along the Northampton St. hill. I’ll say this, PennDOT is looking out for us, as things get smoother and smoother. It’s too bad we can’t say the same thing about a few of our local streets in town. . . .My sympathies to the family of Frank DalCin, who passed away last week. . . .Air conditioners have been doing double duty this week. . . . Batten down the hatches m‘hearties!  A powerful thunderstorm is coming through as I finish up my letter about 4:15 on Monday afternoon. Whooops! The power just went off. I hope it won’t be long. . . .Now it’s 12:20 a.m. The power just came back on. I’m ready for another iced tea. How about you? Keep cool!


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