Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Back to the routine. The Christmas – New Year’s holidays are over. Time to recapture our energy and take on the daily tasks.   I don’t know how the holidays affected you, but I’m exhausted. Maybe it’s our old age ‘cause Elmira seems to be a mite sleepy-eyed, too. I don’t think a shot and a beer would help. We had enough drinking on New Year’s Eve. I even dozed off when the Eagles were playing the Dallas Cowboys, and I never do that.  Almost missed the win, and I’d kick myself if that happened.  Dallas didn’t use their best players, but the Eagles got some satisfaction by beating ‘em. . . .My sympathies to Ruth Kichline and family at the loss of their loved one, Ralph.  And so, too, to the family of Phyllis Hilberg Henshue. The older we get, the more friends pass away. But that’s life. And over in Northampton, they lost a friend who was always good for a joke, Louie Kornfeind, owner of the bar and grill for over 50 years. . . . Penn State played a great game, especially Saquon Barkley from Whitehall, but like so many football games, an interception and a last second field goal did ‘em in and Southern Cal won the Rose Bowl, the grandaddy of all  the bowls.  Congrats for a great season, anyhow, to the guys from Happy Valley. It wasn’t the outcome dartball players from Bath and Hecktown were hoping for. They postponed their games together to this Wednesday. Maybe Hecktown wanted more practice time to catch up with Christ Church. . . .I hear Clark Smith is doing better in St. Luke’s Hospital.  Here’s hoping for a successful recovery. . . . Don’t look now, but next Friday is the 13th. That’s no way to start out a new year, but Paul Csencsits will see a positive in it at breakfast in Coplay. . . .While the East Bath Rod & Gun Club gang enjoys breakfast at the T & C, Mike Topping and Norm Graver will be out in Hamburg at Cabela’s doing what they can and listening what’s up in fishing and hunting here in the southeastern part of the Keystone State. . . . Editorial cartoonists are having a field day drawing different looks for our president-elect, Donald Trump, and come to think of it, they did, too, with President Barack Obama. . . . Gas prices are going up with another state tax,  but the same goes over in Jersey. So what else is new? . . . .I feel better now with a cup of hot tea under the belt.  So, Happy New Year, everybody, and let’s get back to work. Have a great week!


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