Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

It’s good to be back home again! Vacations are nice for a while and then things get a little boring – not seeing anybody we know and the same old activities. So now Elmira and I are back to the routine.   Seeing and meeting with friends over some pinochle and a beer or two, and gossiping about our neighbors.  We enjoyed all the summer festivals and picnics, and that was fine, but then Elmira said we need a rest, and we decided to go on that vacation. . . .The weather’s been great again like last year around here, from what we hear.  A mild winter with only a few snowfalls that didn’t last a day and they were gone.  Don’t tell the groundhog that, though, ‘cause I hear he predicted another six weeks of winter. If we don’t get a blizzard or anything like that in February and March we’ll forgive Punxatawney Phil  and with tongue in cheek say a word of thanks. . . .We got back just in time for the Super Bowl football game between Atlanta and those New England Patriots on Sunday night. What a game it was! Atlanta scored big in the first half and it looked like an upset blow out, but them Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick, and the other coaches from New England figured Atlanta out and stopped ‘em cold while they rolled right along to tie the game at 28-28 and put the game in overtime.  When the coin toss was won by New England, I thought “that’s it, they’re gonna win.” And sure enough, the game was over in a few minutes and Tom Brady had set new records. I didn’t know he was a University of Michigan college graduate, so his frat brothers of old must have roared one again. . . .So now football is over and by the 14th pitchers and catchers will be back to spring training, and we can begin to think of baseball. . . .Looking over last week’s paper, I see that Moore Township Commission has folks who are interested in history like the folks who are in the Governor Wolf Historical Society, saving things from the past that had a meaning.  The Edelman School up in Moore Township was one of about 12 one-room schools in this area, I believe, and the kids who attended got a good education in one room. It’s a far cry from all the technology of today, but historical, and we should hold on to some of those old days. Margie Rehrig is doing a great job, too, with the Bath Museum, taking in things that folks had stored in their attic so that everybody can see it. Carol Heckman has been a leader with the historical  society for many years, and she and hubby Darryl have been a BIG influence in getting people  interested in local history, and running events that involve so many people in the community.   A Big Hats Off to all of these folks!!!. . . .The people of Pennsylvania should be thankful that there’s a Bathite looking out for them.  Wow!!  Marcia Hahn has been a great lawmaker out in Harrisburg and is climbing the ladder as a major legislator. I see  she’ been appointed to the House Appropriations Committee for the new year and the members on it from both parties put the state budget together.  That’s one of the most important committees in the General Assembly! And Marcia is on other committees – Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Children and Youth, and Tourism and Recreation. As if that’s not enough our gal from Bath is majority deputy whip and deputy chairman on the House Republican Policy Committee. Wow again!  Keep those other legislators in line, Marcia. . . .That’s about all I can write about. I’m glad to be back home, and life is still exciting. I’ll borrow from one organization in town – “Roar, Bath!  Roar, Bath!”


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