The Bath area is getting to be an eagles’ nesting place. A couple years ago, I believe, there was a bald eagle up by Carl and Magie Rehrig’s house in Bath.  Last week one was spotted on Spyglass Hill Road up on the hill off Christmas Avenue. And this week, two bald eagles were spotted up at the Southmoore Golf Course in Moore Township, where they have a nest on a tower. The Pennsylvania Game Commission sure has done a good job in restoring the eagle population. It gives you a proud feeling when you see our nation’s symbol flying in our backyards. . . .Like I said last week, we were due for some more cold weather. We had a day down in the low double digits, and then it turned warm again.  We’ll take the roller coaster effect as long as it’s not ice and blizzard-like snow. . . .I reckon the ski slopes are still making their own snow to stretch  out that season. . . .Spring time is showing in the Philly and Lehigh Valley flower shows. It’s great to see all that color and to smell the flowers. Spring does arrive officially on the 20th of March. And our paper is gonna promote gardening and spring time on the 23rd of this month. . . .I see the Keystone Rod & Gun Club is opening their archery range in their Green Street clubhouse for people to shoot at animal targets.  They do have competitive matches, so it’ll be open for more people to see and use it. . . .Lots of lopsided scores in spring training ball games. But it’s a chance to see the minor leaguers and what they can do. The Phillies  are doing all right. Can’t wait to see ‘em in regular action.  The World Baseball Classic has started and there’s plenty of real action as they play for their countries. . . .Daylight Saving Time starts at 2 a.m. this Sunday, the 12th. Seems like just a short time when we went on Standard Time.  Anyhow, turn your clock and watch dials  one hour ahead. Just a reminder for us old folks here.  Have a great week, Gang!


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