Figures within the Nazareth community are slated to be honored for various types of service to the borough, which was revealed at Nazareth Borough Council’s monthly business meeting on Monday, June 5.

Council members motioned to honor Fire Chief John Deutsch, Police Commissioner Randall Miller and Ambulance Director Jennifer McCloskey at their monthly business meeting on July 5. All three officials will receive “Stars” Awards for their service to the borough.

The award consists of commemorative stars removed from worn United States flags that are given to worthy police, fire and emergency personnel.

Nazareth resident Becky Butz also expressed her appreciation for the borough being listed as the 17th safest city in Pennsylvania state rankings. The rankings were configured by rating city crime indexes against state and national averages. Nazareth’s ranking was the highest of any Lehigh Valley city.

Butz praised Miller for his work as commissioner with the borough, attributing Nazareth’s safe nature to his presence in the community.

“I think that’s fantastic,” Butz said of the ranking. “We owe a lot of that to our police force and to Commissioner Miller. Since you have come with us there has been a lot of changes, all for the better, and that’s fantastic.”

With recognition for service seeming to be the theme of the night, council also made a motion to recognize the receipt of four “Service Awards” from the Pennsylvania Borough’s Association. These were awarded to Councilman Charles Donello for 10 years of service, Mayor John Samus for 20 years of service, Secretary and Treasurer Paul Kokolus for 20 years of service, and Vice President Larry Stoudt for 40 years of service to the borough.

In other business, Stoudt made a formal complaint to Commissioner Miller after an unauthorized Nazareth resident directed traffic at the borough’s food truck festival on June 3, stressing that it needed to be addressed.

Council also made a motion to reschedule their July business meeting to Wednesday, July 5 at 6 p.m.


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