During their workshop meeting on January 10, the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors worked on defining the job description for township manager. Current township manager, Deborah Seiple, will be leaving her position in March. She has been manager of the township since 2005.

Supervisor Roger Unangst said that he would not want the new manager to act as a mediator with developers, something he believes has happened in the past. He said he does not believe it is right that, during meetings with developers, while township lawyers and engineers are paid using the developer’s escrow, the township manager is paid using tax dollars from the general fund.

“I never found favor in that whatsoever,” he told the board.

However, Seiple said that by meeting with developers first, the manager is actually helping the township save money by telling developers what projects will and will not be accessible or favorable for township residents.

“[The manager] is looking at it [development projects] from the municipality’s point of view,” she said.

Seiple also said she finds it important that the new township manager continue to attend various meetings in the area with developers and other officials.

“This is how we [the township] have become better known in the area,” she said.

An official job description will be advertised and candidates will be interviewed in February.

During the workshop meeting, council also discussed proposed amendments to its ordinances with Shannon Calluori, Vice President of Operations at CodeMaster. CodeMaster has been asked to amend and revise ordinances and look at changes that “could be made and should be made.”

Some changes that have been proposed include altering the property maintenance code, allowing a 30-day permit for temporary structures, and adding a new ordinance with guidance for ATV usage. The board asked that the planning commission begin reviewing the proposed changes.

Finally, Larry Chapman of CRG Real Estate, which bought property from Vertek for a proposed warehouse on Airport Road, stood before the board. He voiced his regret on his company not working with the community earlier. He believes CRG should have done better.

“The community should have the best facilities,” he said of the proposed warehouse. “We are going to build something you can be proud of and we can be proud of too.”

However, the township is involved in litigation with CRG over the height of the proposed warehouse. No members of the board could respond to Chapman’s comments.


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