After a contentious and heated debate over the borough’s rental inspection ordinance during their previous meeting, the Northampton Borough Council’s rental inspection committee is redrafting the ordinance.

Councilwoman Judy Kutzler, a member of the committee, said the committee is working to “redraft and address the problems and issues” brought up by Mayor Thomas Reenock, other council members, and some borough landlords. She said the ordinance will be ready for the borough’s July meeting and for public discussion “no later than September.”

In other news, council discussed disturbance issues at Canal Street Park. In the past, council has expressed concerns over noise complaints and damage done by visitors from outside the borough. Councilwoman Kutzler broached the idea of moving the parking meters from Main Street, which only make about $4 a week, to Canal Street Park in order to discourage some of the issues.

“The people in that ward should not have to put up with that aggravation,” she said.

Finally, following the approval of a request to close Stewart Street for a block party, Councilman Anthony Lopsonzski, Sr. voiced his hope that such requests become more common. He said these requests are “satisfying,” and a good way for people to meet their neighbors.

“If you can get together with a few neighbors on your street, do it,” he said.


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