During their June 26 meeting, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors approved the request to allow steel beams for the Coplay Bridge to pass through Howertown Park and Short Lane. The ten steel beams will pass through the township over three days in mid-July, possibly July 16.

Coplay Bridge project managers met with township engineer Bob Cox and township solicitor B. Lincoln Treadwell to answer questions and update their proposal.

While supervisors originally requested project managers think about transporting the beams at night, project manager Larry Franco said backing up traffic at both ends of Route 329 in the dark on a hill could prove dangerous. He also said that the beams are lit up for 1,000 feet of vision, which would disturb nearby homes.

“They are a circus on wheels,” he said.

By crossing Howertown Park, Franco said the steel beam transport will be avoiding the Route 329 detour for “over half the distance.”

As an added bonus, project managers said they would deposit extra stone they have from building the park’s temporary road to the township for its planned dog park.

Township supervisors unanimously voted to approve the steel beam transport through the park.

“If you think we have a nightmare, wait until they get to Main Street [in Northampton],” said Supervisor Dale Hassler. Once in Northampton, the trucks will have to back down Canal Street.

Meanwhile, supervisors denied the Rockefeller Group’s request to extend work hours for Lot 5 (near the Willow Brook Golf Course) from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Developers requested this change to “minimize any concerns or risks for golfers.”

“Many North Catty residents will be severely affected,” said Supervisor Gary Behler.

Hassler agreed. “It is called respect.”

Supervisors voted unanimously to restrict working hours from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with no overnight shifts.

This construction on Lot 5, for storm water management, began July 1 and will last eight weeks.

Finally, Rockefeller Group requested the township’s help in discussions with the County about the bridge on Willowbrook Road.

Northampton County will not allow the developers to reconstruct the bridge from a two-lane bridge to a three-lane bridge. Rockefeller was originally supposed to pay for the three-lane bridge construction, but with the County’s contract, taxpayers will now pay for the two-lane bridge.

While Hassler worried a three-lane bridge will “invite more traffic into residential areas,” Supervisor Larry Oberly said “the traffic volume is already there.”

Supervisors motioned for Treadwell to work with the County and Rockefeller to change the two-lane bridge contract to a three-lane bridge.

“This is a 50 to 70 year decision,” Planning Commission Chairman Gene Clater said.


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