The new Jaindl Watson warehouse development along Seemsville and Howertown Roads has spurred Allen Township supervisors to request a joint meeting with supervisors in neighboring East Allen Township.

Jaindl, at PennDOT’s request, has proposed to shift Seemsville Road to the east, into East Allen territory. Old Seemsville Road would be turned into a cul-de-sac and become an Allen Township road. However, a new retention basin and traffic signal would be required, prompting Allen Township to request a meeting with East Allen to decide on their ownership.

“East Allen has to be at the table,” said Supervisor Gary Behler.

Supervisor Dale Hassler agreed.

“You say, legally, one thing but morally…[I] cannot tell East Allen to put a stoplight there [on their property],” he said.

While the issue of Seemsville Road was not one supervisors felt they could approve without East Allen’s input, supervisors did agree upon other plans included in the Jaindl Watson development. One of those plans was to provide a 5,000 foot water main to East Allen Gardens in lieu of making frontage improvements to Mud Lane.

“We are getting a much better benefit,” said Behler.

Jaindl also promised to dedicate 40.33 acres of woodland to the township in lieu of five acres of open space. This land would be a conservation easement. Jaindl also said that land may be open to public access.

“We want to be a good neighbor and we want to be a good partner,” said David Jaindl.

Finally, Jaindl and the township agreed to make the warehouse development’s interior road a public road.

Currently, there is no word on when the joint meeting between Allen and East Allen Township will be held.


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