Following plans PennDOT has with Jaindl-Watson to move Seemsville Road to the east, East Allen Supervisors are calling for a special inter-municipal meeting with Allen Township supervisors. An inter-municipal agreement is needed between the two townships to cover maintenance requirements.

The new part of Seemsville Road will continue to remain a state road. The “old” part of the road will revert to the townships.

Plans for maintenance and right-of-way must be agreed upon within 30-45 days of the developer’s notice to the township. However, Board of Supervisors president Roger Unangst said this is a timeline East Allen cannot meet if they want to “get their ducks in a row.” Unangst called for an internal special meeting between East Allen Supervisors for mid-to-late January, followed by an inter-municipal meeting with Allen Township.

The developer’s timeline, Unangst said, is not East Allen’s problem.

“This township has been kept in the dark,” he said.

Township solicitor Joseph Piperato believes an extension will be granted, giving the township time to plan.

However, the idea of more truck traffic in and near the township is not something residents are particularly fond of.

New warehouses and development, said resident Sara Derremer, “Never benefit any of us.”

She said quality of life and home values are being destroyed.

“We saved for so many years to buy our dream property,” she said. “When do we get a real say in any of this?”


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