The Moore Township Planning Commission discussed their warehouse ordinance at their last meeting. Areas of Moore Township have been zoned as “industrial,” deeming the space available for warehouse development. One location of industrial zoned land is located off Route 512. The other is located in Morristown at Routes 512 and 946. A warehouse ordinance exists, but the Moore Township Planning Commission is working towards setting more specific standards for these industrial areas. Chairman, John Becker, mentioned the location of berms-an artificial ridge used to protect buildings- on the properties. He feels that in making the decision of where to place a berm, it should be considered how it would affect the warehouse altogether. “Wouldn’t you want those buildings exposed to the road,” Becker questioned. Becker went on to mention that hiding the building from the road would make it difficult to recognize any issues that could be occurring with the building or within that area in general. With a berm blocking a warehouse’s view from the street, it becomes difficult to monitor the warehouse’s status. Aside from the berm blocking the street, Becker explained that he completely understands why a berm would be used to block warehouses from residential areas. Planning commission member, Richard Gable, explained that having a buffer in front of the building would cut down on truck noise. However, he does not have a preference about the berm either way.

Discussion of the ordinance continued with the topic of trucker staging spaces. Member Bruce Talipan mentioned the fact that truckers have very limited places to pull over after spending hours on the road. Becker suggested that warehouses provide designated parking spaces for drivers to take a break. Fortunately, the ordinance does include information regarding how many spaces should be provided for drivers pulling off to sit.

The Moore Township Planning Commission plans to continue the discussion of the Warehouse Ordinance in order to add more specific standards for the industrially zoned areas.


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