The December 11 meeting of the Lehigh Township Supervisors opened with Police Chief Scott Fogel giving a brief update on the Police K-9 program currently being developed in the township. He said that a dog named “Cash” has been selected and is currently being trained for the job. Chief Fogel said that there will be no overtime needed to be allocated to care for the dog and after careful consideration they chose Officer Jonathan G. Roth to be Cash’s handler. “He did a lot of research about it,” Fogel said touting Roth’s qualifications. Roth was selected over two other officers who applied for the job. Along with acquiring the dog and training, the police are also getting specialized equipment to accommodate the dog, such as sensors that will roll down the windows if it gets too hot in the patrol car. Fundraising for this initiative is ongoing.

During her report to the supervisors, Zoning Chairperson Katherine Mack brought up an issue with garbage being dumped in more secluded parts of the township. “They are finding televisions, all kinds of things,” Mack said. “It’s being dumped all over and costs money when we have to take it to be disposed of,” she continued. “It’s a shame people don’t have respect for our community,” Supervisor Darryl Snover said after learning more than 600 pounds of carpet and carpet padding had been dumped on a township road. He lamented the fact that this kind of dumping is very difficult to stop but implored people in the community to get license plate numbers if they see anyone doing it.

The next meeting, the first of the year, will be on January 2 at 7 p.m. in the Lehigh Township municipal building.


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