Mr. Michael Fink as a youth lived in a company home in Evansville. The former house is now the site of the Lehigh Heidelberg office. He was born while his father Dennis was serving the nation in the United States Army in Vietnam.

He recalled, “After dad returned home we moved to Fleetwood as soon all the old company homes were gone; only a few old steps remain as a reminder of the past.”

Michael graduated from Fleetwood High School in 1988; a month later he joined his grandfather and father at the plant. He said, “I started as a laborer and later worked in many areas of the plant.”

Michael’s work resume includes: Limestone crusher operator, pack house utility man, bulk loader, maintenance and vacuum truck driver.

While on the maintenance team, Mike spent 19 years as a welder saying, “I learned welding on the job with Roy Youse and my father as my teachers. They were highly skilled. We welded equipment all over the plant. Some jobs were difficult and challenging but they had to be completed so the plant could run smoothly.”

Presently, he works with Joe Stinsky as a vacuum truck driver. Their assignment is keeping the plant clean. Dominic Ninni is their supervisor. Safety is a primary concern at the plant. There is a brief meeting each day informing the employees on safety issues. Doug Sturtevant is the excellent safety manager.

In his 30 years at the plant, Michael has worked with many different employees. Their goal is to operate the plant in a safe and efficient manner. Reflecting on his life he said, “My parents have always had a strong work ethic which I attempt to follow each day on my job.”

Mr. Fink has been riding his Harley since age 17 enjoying rides throughout the countryside. He also plays golf with his father on weekends. The Fink family has worked at the historic plant for over a century. They are dedicated cement workers who produce a product that has helped build our nation. We wish Mr. Fink and all of our friends at the Lehigh-Heidelberg plant a safe and successful 2019.


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