The Moore Township Land Preservation held their first meeting of the new year on January 14. The board opened their meeting with a reorganization of current officers for 2018. The officers are as follows: Bob Romano as the chairman, Maureen Romano as the vice chairman, and Lois Kerbacher as secretary.

The board reviewed the current ranking system for farmland and open space, with the goal to implement some changes. In doing so, they analyzed an alternative ranking system, which emphasizes aspects of land in which Moore Township residents have expressed to be the most important to them. (I.e. land that displays a variety of natural features). The Land Preservation Board made the decision to stay with their current ranking system, while implementing the suggestions of Moore Township residents. The board wants to also incorporate aspects that best represent the goals of their current Open Space Plan.

The Lilly Property has closed and is now preserved. The Lilly family was generous enough to donate their conservation easement to Moore Township. The township is very grateful for this gesture.

The board continued to discuss and work on the preservation of the Poser property, which is located on West End Road. This 57-acre property is complex, giving the township more to work through as they move forward with the preservation process.

The Land Preservation Board was informed that the appraisal for Moore Estates, located off Route 248, was approved at the Board of Supervisors meeting. This is the first step of the possible preservation of the property.

There will be no planning commission meeting for this month.


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