Several residents of the 900 block of Graystone Circle appeared before the Allen Township Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, May 28. They said that drainage issues in the new development are “out of control.”

The developer, Stone Ridge LLC, received a letter from the Northampton County Conservation District (NCCD), outlining infiltration issues causing water to occupy the backyards of about twenty homes in the development off Route 329. However, the developer has been unresponsive.

Residents said they worry of mosquitos, especially since children will be home for the summer.

“We are living in a swamp,” said Diane Lariar.

Another resident said that ducks and geese have taken to occupying the flooded common areas, while basements are filled with water and mud. Even after dry periods, residents said that water sits in their backyards.

Township Manager Ilene Eckhart said that the township met with zoning officials and engineers. However, since the permit was issued by the NCCD and not the township, there is little the municipality can enforce. The infiltration plans, said Eckhart, were submitted to the NCCD, not Allen.

Supervisor Dale Hassler said that the township is still holding security funds from the developer. He said the funds will not be released until the developer resolves this issue.

The NCCD also has the power to fine the developer if they do not respond or ignore their warnings. Ignoring the fines can have serious consequences for the developer, especially if new development projects are in the works.

“The bank will not look kindly on him [the developer] walking away,” said Supervisor Larry Oberly.

Supervisors told residents to keep in touch with the NCCD on a regular basis.

“This is where you start,” said Oberly.


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