On June 11, several weeks after residents of Graystone Circle appeared before the board of supervisors to complain of flooding, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors gave residents a new update.

Township manager Ilene Eckhart and the borough’s engineering professionals were set to meet with the Northampton County Conservation District on June 12 to see permitting progress in the Stone Ridge Development off Savage Road. The development is in violation of conservation district drainage permits. Residents complained of sitting water in their backyards and mud in their basements. Seemingly ineffective infiltration beds are located in the backyards of many of the homes on Graystone Circle.

As a result of the issues facing residents, Eckhart also spoke of possible storm water ordinance changes. The first change is in the requirement that homeowners maintain aboveground BMPs (or best management practice for water pollution). Eckhart said this is not possible on lots. The second is adding the stipulation that BMPs should not be allowed on residential lots smaller than one acre.

However, residents continued to wonder where they stand.

Solicitor Lincoln Treadwell warned them that there may be no physical change that can be made. The infiltration beds, he said, are collecting the water.

“There may be nothing that can physically be done,” he said.

Even if the infiltration beds are filled in, “the water will go somewhere else.”

The township is holding $119,000 in developer security for roadwork that must be done in the development.

“The best we can do with the money we have from the developer is to ensure beds are working as designed,” Treadwell added.

In other news, supervisors also discussed the fireworks ordinance. Eckhart came to the meeting with several changes to the draft. The new draft cites the discharge of consumer and display fireworks between 10 p.m. and noon as a “nuisance” and allows residents to call State Police. The ordinance also outlaws the discharge of fireworks during open burning bans.

“[This will] provide regulation…without over-regulating something we cannot enforce,” said Eckhart.

Supervisors are hoping to advertise and pass the ordinance before July fourth.


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