During the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, June 27, engineer James Milot gave a report on safety at the intersection of Jade Lane/Dogwood Road and Airport Road. This report was requested by supervisors following a fatal accident at the intersection in March.

Milot analyzed vehicular accidents at the intersection between the years 2015 and 2017. He found only one accident. The accident, between a motorcyclist and a deer, was not roadway related.

As such, Milot told supervisors “there does not appear to be a factor at the intersection that can be corrected.”

The volume of traffic, he added, is not sufficient enough for PennDOT to add a traffic signal.

However, he said perhaps a more consistent speed limit on Airport Road between Hanoverville Road and Route 329 could be helpful. The speed limit currently changes from 45mph to 55mph back to 45mph.

Supervisors agreed, stating that the speed limit should consistently remain at 45mph. They asked Milot to make the recommendation to PennDOT.

In other news, the township is considering involvement in the River Central Comprehensive Plan. Catasauqua Borough, Hanover Township, and North Catasauqua are currently involved in the plan. The total plan would cost roughly $92,000 split between the participants. The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission would be assisting.

Supervisor Mark Schwartz was opposed to the idea.

“There is no mutual benefit that we would derive,” he said.

However, Supervisor Roger Unangst disagreed. He said that the township is responsible for having space for every type of zoning. However, in the regional comprehensive plan, the township can share zoning with other participants.

For example, if a developer tried to challenge that East Allen does not have adequate manufacturing zones or high-density commercial zones, East Allen can point to the plan’s other participants, who do have those zones.

A regional plan, stated Unangst and solicitor Joseph Piperato, would give the township protection. Piperato also stated that a regional plan often has a better chance of being upheld by a court.

Supervisors motioned for borough manager Brent Green to come to the next meeting with a list of benefits.

Finally, supervisors stated that the township will be hiring special counsel for court proceedings against Rock Lehigh Valley.

Piperato told citizens that supervisors cannot discuss the matter with township residents until the hearing. Everything must be on record.

A date for the first hearing has not yet been decided.


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