Goodies Gone Wild is the name of a family run store selling hot sauces, sodas, cotton candy tubs and exotic meats in Downtown Easton. Owner Danny Neville recalls it opened in 2018, the same day Bacon Fest took place that year. A transplant from New York City, Danny explained he likes “crazy stuff.” One day he visited a food convention and was inspired by the hot sauce industry and the many different varieties available. Growing up with a stepfather from Ecuador helped introduce him to a different cuisine, thus developing a taste for hot sauces. “I like them, flavorful without spices or with spices, all depends on how I feel that day,” he said as he was showing the sauce he was planning to use for dinner once he got home that night. The selection is indeed vast and the owner keeps a selection of his favorites for customers to taste.

As he continued relating, Danny then decided to combine other things that he liked to incorporate into his offering. “Who doesn’t like cotton candy?” he exclaimed as he showed the lineup. Chardonnay flavored cotton candy, kangaroo burger patties, and python jerk meat are among some curiosities you will find at this store. If you’re seeking an unusual gift, Goodies Gone Wild might be the place. Gift baskets are available or you can make one to order. Mr. Neville expressed he carefully researches the ingredients and tastes every product in his store before making it available to customers. He stated he helps others small businesses by selling their products, for instance he mentioned some meats come from a family-owned farm in Philadelphia. He also keeps active in the community by bringing the Goodies Gone Wild tent to different fair across many cities and bringing fun activities.

When asked why he chose his location, he said Easton is rising and is the place to be right now. He has received a good welcome and already has many regular customers. In addition, his mother lives not far in Alpha, New Jersey, so he likes the convenience of being close to her. He said he likes to be busy by helping family, friends and his community. Indeed Danny is a family-oriented American, when asked what motivates him he replied, “I want a better future for my kids.” Mr. Neville is planning on opening another store, possibly in the Greater Lehigh Valley.

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