The 2020 draft budget was presented to Northampton Borough Council during their November 19 meeting. The budget includes a 0.5 mil property tax increase, the first tax increase for borough residents since 2016. The tax increase will equal roughly $25 for the average borough property.

The budget totals about $7 million, with a $1.4 million closing balance. Several new hires are included in the budget, including one new police officer, two new public works employees, and one new sewer plant trainee.

Funds have also been designated for new police, fire, and public works equipment. A new Chevy Tahoe will be purchased for the police department, while payments for the fire department’s new aerial truck will begin at the end of 2020. A Ford F250 will also be purchased for snow plowing, as will a multi-purpose vehicle for lawn maintenance and brush cutting.

Meanwhile, the borough’s subdivision rec fund will see an increase due to new development in the borough. With the Willow Brook Farms development expected to begin, as well as the development of 40 townhomes behind the Redner’s Quick Shoppe on West 21st Street, the borough will see an increase of $600 per new home. 

Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst prepared the budget over the course of three weeks. He told council that the budget is his “best guess” as to the costs the borough may face over the next year.

He asked council to review the draft budget and come to him with any questions before approval is voted on.


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