The annual “Rock-a-Thon” was held at Little Moore Church on Saturday, February 15. Members of the Christian Endeavor Youth Group raised nearly $2,000 by rocking in rocking chairs from 9:30am until midnight. The money pledged by family and friends will help support the youth group’s summer mission trip.

The Rock-a-Thon has been a favorite event for members of the church for well over thirty years. Some of the participants first joined Rock-a-Thon when they were babies in parents’ or older siblings’ laps. Now, they’re old enough to set their own Rock-a-Thon pledge goals.

Participants entertained themselves with movies, video games, board games, and plenty of food prepared by church volunteers. Sometimes there were jokes and games of catch. Other times there was brief silence as participants checked their phones throughout the day.

“It is funny to see how it changes every year,” said Colleen Himmelwright. She has been involved with the Rock-a-Thon since the beginning and has watched as a new generation of rockers keep themselves entertained.

One thing that hasn’t changed, she jokes, are the meals. Favorites like pizza, chicken fingers, ice cream, and macaroni and cheese have become traditions that rockers look forward to.

Participants were allowed to break for meals together, and were given five-minute breaks every hour to move their chairs or use the restroom. Volunteers were sure to yell “Keep rocking!” if any participant was caught taking a break (or a nap!). Rockers swapped roles throughout the day as some had to attend work or sports practice, but there was always at least ten individuals rocking at all times.

Connie VanBlargan is this year’s organizer of the event. She helps look for opportunities for volunteering and giving back. This year’s donations may go toward restocking the church’s food bank or a mission to help repaint community schools in Bethlehem.

In past years, mission trips have been taken to Philadelphia to help the homeless or to New Jersey to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Other years, donations have been given to leukemia charities, heart disease organizations, and even members of the church congregation in need. What is ultimately chosen is up to the youth organization.

“It is all about the kids,” adds Himmelwright. “It is about having fun [and] fellowship. We cannot just be in a me world. We have to help others.”


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