Nazareth Borough Council held a remote public meeting on Thursday, April 30. A majority of the discussion topics revolved around the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent changes happening in the borough. 

“The COVID-19 situation we are experiencing is putting a strain on everyone, this includes our borough family,” said Dan Chiavaroli, council president. “We are doing our best to provide a coordinated effort.”

An emergency response team has been put together to discuss PPE. Meanwhile, Resolution 4-2020 was unanimously passed. This continues the borough’s “State of Emergency.”

Due to the ongoing emergency, the borough’s Memorial Day parade and service were officially  canceled. Legion baseball, the Fireman’s Carnival, and soccer were also canceled. Borough baseball has not yet been canceled, said Councilman Carl Strye. However, whether it will move forward will depend on the governor’s and CDC’s guidelines. 

A decision on Nazareth Day has also not yet been made. 

“Our fingers are crossed that it does not become another victim of the virus,” said Strye. 

Parks remain closed to all sports, but are open for walking, as long as there are no large groupings, Strye added.  

Perhaps the biggest questions unanswered revolve around the borough’s public pool. No announcement has been made as to whether the pool will be open, though Strye said the borough is constantly monitoring state and CDC guidelines. 

“We are trying to stay positive,” he said, “so I am not going to announce anything until we are sure.”  

He added that the borough is coming up with a credit process for season pass holders “because obviously [they] are not going to get the whole season” if the pool opens.

Not opening the pool will be a blow to the borough financially. An estimated $100,000 in profit will be lost.


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