COVID-19 canceled graduation ceremonies across the nation, but the Borough of Bath wanted to make sure none of its 25 high school graduates were forgotten. Borough Council, Mayor Fiorella Mirabito, and the Bath Volunteer Fire Department came together to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the Class of 2020. 

A parade throughout the borough was held on Saturday, June 6. It kicked off at Borough Hall and traveled throughout the borough, sirens blaring and council members cheering. A caravan of vehicles covered in streamers and balloons followed. 

Council stopped at the home of each graduate, former students at either Northampton Area High School or Bethlehem Catholic High School, to celebrate their achievements, praise their hard work, and wish them luck on their future endeavours. Each graduate was given balloons, flowers, and a gift basket. Mayor Mirabito, Borough Manager Brad Flynn, members of council, and Hayes Flowers each donated to make these gifts possible.

Nick Casso was one of the students honored. He waited outside his home with family members as the parade passed by. A graduate of Bethlehem Catholic, he plans to attend Northampton County Community College and then transfer to the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design to study illustration. 

This was not how he imagined his senior year would play out, but he understood why given the current environment and the risks it presents. 

“[Senior year] did not go the way I would have liked it to go,” he said, “but it is the best it could have been.”

He said he looks forward to the fall when he will take the next big step in his educational journey.

“Hopefully in a real building,” he added with a laugh. 

In a message of encouragement, Mayor Mirabito wished all of the borough’s graduates the best of luck on their journey…wherever it may take them. 

“In this difficult time for all of us – know this is also a time of celebration for you, for all you’ve done and all you’ve accomplished,” she said in a statement to The Home News. “You are now ready to face the next chapter of your life. No matter what it may be – college, trade school or job – you will make a difference. Focus on the good things in your life, remain positive and be grateful for those who have guided you along the way. I wish you the very best!”


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