submitted by Becky Bartlett

All residents and staff at Gracedale Nursing Home were tested for COVID-19 on June 26, 27, and 28 with help from the National Guard. Universal testing of long-term-care facilities was mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health via PA-HAN-509.

Residents: 425 residents were tested prior to universal testing; 296 residents were tested during universal testing. A total of 146 residents tested positive—three of those positive results were from the universal testing.

Currently there are six residents in-house who are positive for the virus, twelve are awaiting lab results. 162 residents have resolved their infections. Sadly, there have been 74 deaths at Gracedale from COVID-19.

Employees: 568 employees were tested, 57 had positive results—six of those were from universal testing. Ten samples were rejected or produced inconclusive results, four results are pending. Fifty-one employees have returned to work, six are in quarantine.

“The best thing the general public can do for Gracedale during these perilous times for nursing home residents is wear a mask,” says Lamont McClure.


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