Parade winners

George Wolf Elementary School makes vocabulary fun with its annual vocabulary parade, which was held Friday, Oct. 28. 

The idea of a vocabulary parade is based on the book, “Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster” by Debra Frasier. George Wolf Elementary’s inaugural parade was held in 2015 and this year marked the school’s sixth parade. 

“The vocabulary parade is one of my favorite days of the year because it celebrates words and each costume reflects the student’s interests and personality. It’s wonderful to see the entire school participating together for the parade,” said Dana Werkheiser, parade organizer and 3rd-5th Grade Reading Instructional Support. This year was Werkheiser’s fourth time organizing the parade. 

The parade is a way for students to use their creativity to make a costume based on a word. This allows them to demonstrate its definition. The goal is for students to make as much of their costume as possible versus just buying a costume. By allowing students to choose their own words, they can pick something that allows them to create a costume that they are comfortable wearing.  

The vocabulary parade consists of three stages. Judging takes place in the lobby and the parade itself goes around the school and into the gymnasium where the awards take place. Parents are invited to watch the parade outside. Werkheiser stated this year had the highest attendance she’d ever seen.

The three judges selected for this year were Dr. Shoeneberger, Assistant Superintendent, Trina Williams, Director of Psychological Services, and Bath Mayor Fiorella Mirabito. 

Winners are chosen in each grade in the areas of Top Costume, Most Creative, and Best Math or Science Word. In addition, judges each get to choose a Judge’s Choice award in each grade level which is their personal favorite.

The names and words of each winner (kindergarten did not have a best math or science word), are as follows: 

Top Costume

Kindergarten- Eleanor Youngdahl, Zebra; 1st Grade- Violet Miller, Menagerie; 2nd Grade- Camron Kopacz, Animatronic; 3rd Grade- Harper Bartholomew, Bibliophile; 4th Grade- Kyleigh Hann, Vibrant; 5th Grade- Shilah Murphy (not pictured above), Melissophobia. 

Most Creative

Kindergarten- William Henig, Watermelon; 1st Grade- Wyatt Schneider, Fragile; 2nd Grade- Nyomi Kocher, Intelligent; 3rd Grade- Livia Fehnel, Blossom; 4th Grade- Vince Haz, Osseous; 5th Grade- Cash Gehris, Trousers. 

Best Math/Science Word

1st Grade- Mya Stoudt, Galaxy; 2nd Grade- Jayden Roman, Aquarium; 3rd Grade- Noah Gee, Ophthalmologist; 4th Grade- Landon Fulmer, Electromagnetic Wave; 5th Grade- Savanna Finkbiner, Fungus.  


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