About Us

The Home News has been published weekly since 1942. It is a general circulation and paid subscription community newspaper with 52 issues per year (see our Publication Schedule).

The Home News serves readers in and around the boroughs of Bath, Northampton, and Nazareth, and the townships of Allen, East Allen, Moore, Lehigh, Bushkill, and Lower and Upper Nazareth.

The newspaper was founded by William John Halbfoerster, Sr. in December of 1942 and was published by the Halbfoerster family throughout three generations. The paper was purchased by Robert Carter in November of 2004 who published the paper through April of 2008. The Home News was then purchased by Paul and Lisa Prass of Innovative Designs & Publishing, Inc. Bill Halbfoerster remained editor of the paper, even though his family no longer publishes it.

The Home News is family-oriented with local, informative, educational and newsworthy items. It includes front page headlines with municipal and school coverage, editorial opinion and comment, family and social pages, sports and outdoors, senior citizens activities, church listings and news, obituaries, civic organizations, sports teams, and the sales and services our local merchants provide.

The newspaper is intended to be a resource for the local community.

The publication is mailed out to paid subscribers and sold at several distribution locations. Check back soon for a comprehensive list.